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Dating Romantic

If you are this kind of man big up

Every woman has her own preference in a relationship which she considers more appealing to her relationship health

1.Men with plans

Even if not including them to your marriage plans, most ladies see the future in a nearly close mirror despite men

They prefer plans to achieve in a relationship and leave an owning legacy

2.Confidence in them

Ladies on the first instinct may love but hide it to themselves ,to their mindset value the confidence in a man to approach them

Ladies may not express this but have it to their heart

3. Flexibilities to their decision

Ladies are known to be opinion based on any productive idea they may wish for

This in concern needs men with the listening ear and who embrace their opinion

4. Physical appearance and outfit

Ladies are at times known to be very selective in terms of men outfit ,not expensive but at least appealing to their desire

Neatness is one of the common preference for they need to bury shame and rathe embrace pride


Most ladies prefer a guy to generally call them and at least express some concern about them even twice a day for not less than 10 mins in every call

Ladies are known to be pestered since they are indeed precious to men ,this maintains a healthier relationship with them

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