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Reasons Why You Should Not Date Your Workmate. Opinion

One of the places where men find the love of their lives is at work, at this place, you interact with new faces with whom you make friends, and you might find one of your colleagues interesting and start a relationship with her. These are some of the reasons why you should avoid dating your colleague at work;

1. It might interfere with your concentration at work.

At work, 100% concentration Is always required to produce top performance, once you lose concentration, it is negatively reflected in your output and this might land you in serious trouble. You might end up losing your job or being demoted. Many people can't concentrate while working with their partners under the same roof.

2. It might be against the employer's policies.

Some employers do not allow their employees to get into relationships when they are still working together and getting together might land you on the wrong side of the company's rules and regulations. If there is a clear rule hindering you from dating your workmate, you should not go ahead to do it behind your boss' back, this might land you in trouble once it comes to light and you might end up losing your job.

3. Your partner will easily learn your weaknesses

One of the things workmates are quick to learn is their weaknesses if your partner is one of the workmates, she will take that advantage to learn your weaknesses and she might end up dumping you. Some of your colleagues might also work around the clock to make sure that your relationship fails.

4. It might be difficult to separate between time to work and time for relationship issues.

Very few people know how to control their emotions and they might end up dragging their Issues to work. This mostly happens when they are both working together.

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