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Beautiful Lucky Women Married To The Richest Men In The World

Love is what brings two people together and end up becoming husband and wife.A marriage with money is enjoyable and everyone admires a wealthy couple.The following is a list of women who are married to the richest men in the world.

1.Priscilla ChanPriscilla Chan is a beautiful wife of Mark Zuckerberg,the Co-founder of Facebook.They met at a party in 2003 as students in Harvard University. They married in 2012 in a small but sweet ceremony. Zuckerberg has an estimated networth of more than $35 billion.

2.Talulah RileyTalulah Riley is a British actress married to Elon Musk,the Co-founder of Tesla Motors,Paypal and founder of SpaceX.Elon Musk has an estimated networth of $11.5 billion.They have a funny love story since they have married and divorced each other twice.

3.Laurene Powell JobsLaurene Powell is the wife of Steve Jobs,founder of Apple.They met in 1989 when he gave lecture at Stanford University where Laurene was a student.Steve Jobs had an estimated networth of $20.1 billion.He died in 2012 dye to Pancreatic Cancer.

4.Miranda KerrMiranda Kerr is a beautiful model married to Evan Spiegel,the founder of Snapchat.Evan Spiegel has an estimated networth of $2.1 billion.

5.Francesca PascaleFrancesca Pascale is a beautiful wife of Silvio Berlusconi,former Italian Minister and media tycoon.He has a networth of US $7.1 billion.

6.Mackenzie BezosMackenzie Bezos is an author and social activist married to Jeff Bezos,Founder of Amazon.He has a networth of over $40 billion.

7.Flavia SampaioFlavia Sampaio is the wife of Eike Batista,Brazilian businessman magnate who has a networth of $20 billion.

8.Kate GreerKate Greer is a graduate in University of Missouri.She the wife of Jack Dorsey,founder of Twitter.

9.Lucy SouthworthLucy was a student in Oxford University and has a Master of Science. She is the wife of Larry Page,the Co-founder of Google with an estimated net-worth of over $30 billion.

10.Tamiko BoltonTamiko Bolton is the third wife of George Soros.He is an investor with a networth of $24 billion.

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