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Five tips to get someone to like you

  1. When you first meet someone, make yourself friendly. Mimic their actions and make sure your handshake is warm.
  2. Want someone to like you more? Ask them to do you a favour. It has been proved that people who do you favour will like you more. This trick works because, they think since they did a favour to you, they must be fond of you.
  3. Want someone to treat you a certain way? For instance, if you want someone to be friends with you, call them by a friendly name.
  4. Whenever someone is not paying you attention, then stop talking or ask for their permission to talk. Then, they will pay you full attention because now listening to you, is their own choice.
  5. You tend to remember the beginning and end of something, while the middle is always blurred. So, ensure you make great impressions by never being in the middle. Meeting someone new in a group, get there first or last.

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