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Ladies Here Are 6 Ways In Which Your Campus Boyfriend Is Wasting Your Precious Time

Hello Campus Ladies! You all must have fallen in love especially when you were in first year, and you are still hanging on this boy's shirt thinking that he truly loves you. Here are ways that show he is using and wasting your time.

1. Asking you to visit him regularly yet there is nothing important he is going to discuss with you, as a girl who values herself only go out when you really have to .

2. Helping him do laundry in his house, remember you are not married, save that energy for books and exams.

3. Cooking for your boyfriend either in his or your house, that is not your duty and even guardians can't support that, prioritize your education instead.

4. Buying him gifts often yet he doesn't in return, having being given pocket money doesn't mean you squeeze it in order to dress a man who might leave you or cheat on you. Use that money for other constructive activities such as helping the less fortunate.

Girls have to turn around the tables by concentrating more on studies rather than love and relationships.

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