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Want That Girl to Fall for You? Do This Three Things

Most of us have at one point had a crush on some particular lady that we think is very beautiful, but we could have had a very hard time trying to get her or luring her to like us.

Not every girl you want may like you at times but as a man you might want to try to win her heart and make her fall for you. Though this might be very difficult because you may at times degrade yourself before her or feel kinda low before her, being that you like her and you are seeing that maybe her standards are far above you. Well they say love is blind and every woman irrespective of her status may at times fall for you depending on the kind of approach you use on her.

Here are some of the three ways you can lure that woman to fall for you.

1. Befriending her

This is the first step, finding a way of talking to her without necessarily expressing your feelings for her, then establish a good communication between the two of you and maintain that communication. You know communication is key to any relationship or friendship so you have to befriend her to like you but don't express your feelings for her just yet.

2. Buying her some nice gifts.

After making her your friend, you buy some cheap gifts for her, and at this point you start getting close to her and try getting her to trust you and like you more. You can pay her regular visits and at times bring her some gifts in form of some kind of food, drinks etc.

3. Expressing your feelings for her.

This can be done through a date such as lunch date or by just taking her out or going for a picnic with her. You then compose yourself and express your feelings for her, she might hesitate at times but then learn not to give up and she will surely give in.

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