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Here Is What Your Lips Shape Says About Your Personality

Well, if you want to determine a person character pay attention to his/her lips. We all express out thoughts verbally and in so doing reveals something of our character and psychological peculiarities.

1. Naturally Full Lips – people with these lips shape usually value relationship more than anything else. They are not only caring and selflessness, but also they’re empathetic individuals with strong parenting instinct.

2. Thin Top and Bottom Lips – Individuals with this kind of lips shape are usually introverts. They most enjoy their own company and content with the idea of being independent and self reliance.

3. Plumber in the Centre Lips – According to science, people with this kind of lips shape tend to be more of drama queens and full of pride. They consider themselves powerful and prefers not to be alone.

4. Peaked Cupid Bow Lips – I don’t know if its okay to call them intelligent or geniuses because individuals with this lips type are considered to be more creative, very self aware, and have good thinking abilities.

5. Rounded Cupid Bow Lips – If you have this type of lips it suggest that you’re very compassionate, very sensitive, and kind spirit person.

6. Undefined Cupid Bow Lips - Well, these people are considered to good friend. They tend to put other people problems first even if they’re suffering too. They know how to handle any situation and always keep time.

7. Goldilocks Lips – People with these lips shape love to laugh, they’re good listeners, they’re not needy or drama seeking when in a relationship, and finally they have ability to resolve any task ahead of them.

So, what is your personality? Let us share in the comment below.

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