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Husband and wife relationship

'I Won't Leave Before You Return These Kids Into My Womb' Woman Tells Husband

A woman identified has Getty has revealed that she won't leave her house untill her husband returned her two children back to the womb. According to her, she abruptly returned home from work at noon only to find her husband plainly naked with another slim lady not even equal her derriere. Her kids were in school as well her husband has refused to have her move away with her kids.

Out of anger, the woman took a wooden thick stick and started beating her husband's side kick. However her husband sided with the side kick and they beat her heavily. However she has opted not to go out of the house despite the ordeal for she cannot accept to be used and dumped like many men do to soft ladies.

According to the lady who is identified as Getty, she cannot allow another lady into her marriage yet she has two school going kids unless her husband returned the kids to her womb or return back her normal status including her linen for age had never slept with another man when she was married.

Getty has remained clear that unless her husband found a way of returning her kids back to where they came from into the womb, she will not back off or go out of the house. It's a matter that has caused confusion in the house for the side chick has also refused to leave the house given she is in good terms with the man. Advise Getty on the best option, should she keep on in the house or leave the house which is extremely hot of tension.

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