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What Ladies Look for Before Falling In Love

Love is something which started long time ago before we were born. In the Bible we read that Adam was the husband to Eve. This shows how far love has come from.

Some days back, people have been saying that love is blind. To mean it has no boundaries and you can love anybody. That was by then. Today ladies do cosider the following before falling in love:a

1. Financial Status.

Most ladies before accepting any love they look deep inside the man's pocket. They want men who can support them financially. That's why most broke men are still single.

2. Level Of Education.

Ladies want men who are educated. As their nature, ladie need men whom they can introduce to their fellow learned friends and they feel the pride of that interaction in a foreign language in this case English.

3. Gentleness.

Ladies want men who are gentle in their talks and in general behavior as the have that surerity of peace in their relationship.

4. Men Who Are Loving And Caring.

As it's their nature of ladies, ladies look for men who can love and care for them and make them feel secured.

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