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Divorce Affair

Know Why Men Cheat On Their Wives

Men always give earnest love to their wives depending on how attractive and pretty they are.It is every man's desire to be associated with someone worth dieing for.To fulfill this, they always go for the best of the best.This love will only last for a duration before it faints .

He will start being inquisitive about, what you are doing,why you look shabby and many more.Having developed all this kind of questions, they will start going for the new fashion abandoning their sweethearts.They will instead run for those that will fulfill there desire and later come up With the following key excuses.

1:Bed matters

Every man's great desire is to perfectly enjoy life with their wives by instead,he will develop mountain of complains towards the wife.He will prefer to her as being poor in bed.

2: Change in education level

If he is educationally low,he will provocatively tell the wife to search for her class and create room for him.

3: Dressing mode

He will always complain about the types of clothes you wear and why.He pretend to be smart and mindful about what you should do and what you should do with your money.

4: General body structure

If you are not cuvy,he will question you about this.Having seen someone gorgeous and attractive than you,he will raise an alarm about your appearance.

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