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Why is good communication Key?

Check this set of skills. 

 - Business skills and

 - Social skills

You notice we are all good in business skills.

But sometimes we lack alot when we miss to practice social skills.

I was once told that alot of lasting relationships are formed through inhibiting great social skills. 

Social skills such as being calmly courteous when communicating to one another, having polished politeness when writing to known and new persons, or apparently approaching a new people on social media (for business or social networking,) makes conversations inviting. 

Simple steps such as saying hello, introducing yourself and your intentions for having the conversation(s) for the first time ; oftenly brings a closer connection to the latter, such that it determines whether to continue with the conversation or not. 

Finesse is good sometimes, people judge on the first impressions, most people do. Believe it bro. 

On several occasions we learn great lessons through our indigenous communication skills to our friends,new people and to our loved ones. 

This is the problem here, Everyone wants their problem solved, but not keen enough to know the person who is offering to solve their problem(s). 

How many of your problems do you think they would solved if there had been good social skills on the first impressions? 

Closer connections bro. 

Whether verbally or written, having a finesse in great social skills actually attracts your kind of associates. 

You will save alot when it comes to significantly rooting your dignity. It will take you places. 

No one is entitled to subject somebody else's dignity for their interests. 

Finesse bro.

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