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Signs She's Using You, Just leave.

As a man, especially in your thirties, you are already ready to settle and have a family. There is therefore need for you to search for a woman who will completely give you lifetime happiness. Happiness is measured in terms of respect and love that you both have for each other. However, if you found a woman you are interested in, there are things that she does that are actually signs that she doesn't love you. Instead, she's only using you for material benefits.

1. She blows you off and looks for you when in need of help.

If you are dating a woman who is present when in need of financial support but absent when you need her, then she's definitely using you. A woman who truly loves you is never there for material benefits but for genuine love.

2. She doesn't care about your life, friends and family.

A woman who is genuinely interested in you will always be interested in meeting your friends and getting to know where your family comes from. If she has future plans with you, then she obviously asks questions about them. A lady who is using you only asks questions like; Where are we going for our date? When are we going for a vacation? Such questions are red flags.

3. There is no emotional connection.

As a man, you have your ups and downs. When in low moments, there are times when you want share your feelings with someone you love/partner. If you always feel that there is no connection between the two of you and end up not sharing ideas, then you are not comfortable around her. That's a sign that you two are not connected.

4. She hangs out with your (male) friends more.

Ladies who are players often hang out with your male friends not for friendship reasons but only because they want to hook up with them. As a man, you realize that she acts different when around your male friends. This is a red flag that she's only using you.

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