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Ways to train your man to value you more

When you are around him make use of your body language, communicate indirectly that you also love him. You should remember that men are always the hunters , give him space to make a move. When he eventually makes that move don't give in to the relationship immediately because you want him to value you and men will only value what took them time to get.

You should not allow any man to treat as an option. Do not always initiate communication because if he likes you he will chase after you . Trying to follow him up and make plans will make him feel like you are too available and men don't value what is already available . Do not cancel any plans you had to hang out with him unless they have a good reason because how you allow a man to value your time is how he will value you.

When you are single this is the time to live your life and engage in your hobbies and invest in your friendship. When he call you to hang out with you don't immediately accept but make a date , this will give him the impression that you are not a last minute kind of person . Because if he feels you can easily be available he will start cancelling plans on you last minute because you are too available.

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