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Husband and wife relationship

The Wife Was Suspicious of his Husband & She Installed a Hidden Camera and Found out This

In this article we are going to see the mother who used a hidden cameras to see how the father takes care of children when she is away from home.

After the mother returned home she started watching the video that the camera recorded when she was away. The mother noticed that, his husband takes all of the child's toys and scatters them on the bedroom floor. And remove both his and the child's shirts. Then they started playing in the house. See some of the pictures that captured on the camera.

The mother of child found that "the father laid the child on the floor during this period and tickled his belly, making the boy happier and smiling all the time. Then the father left the boy to enjoy the toys. Occasionally, his father listened to the boy and showed him some new movements, and and watched television with him.the lady was shocked by how the man lived with the baby and how he showed him how to get the toys back to where meant to be.the little boy knew where each of the toys in the box belonged.

The wife found that as well as teaching him some new skills, the hasband tought the baby how to return the toys where they belong. The woman wa fascinated with how a partner, especially and elegantly, took care of the little girl". The woman said after finishing watching the video he recorded with hidden camera.

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