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Lovers to Serve 30 Months in Prison for Making Love Besides the Road where the Public Could See them

Hafashimana Paskari a 29-year-old man together with his lover Colodine Mukamulenzi, a woman aged 24 years old from the neighboring county Uganda are expected to serve 2 and a half years behind bars after they comfortably removed their clothes in public and satisfied each other's needs as people were watching from a distance.

The 2 who hails from a small village in Uganda called Kisoro were taken to court on Tuesday for knowingly causing a commotion in the busy roads of Uganda. The duo was however put behind bars last week after they were reported for doing the act in the public.

Earlier last week, a video of the two went viral on some social media platforms showing how they enjoyed the act while it was drizzling. They were standing by the roadside where the man had parked his bicycle to attend to an important session before getting home. The funny thing is that the two engaged in the act and minded their own business, they did not worry about the onlookers.

They were arrested and pleaded guilty to what they committed at around 5 in the evening. The woman on the other side said that he accepted the act to take place after her man promises to give her Ksh25 for doing the act with him.

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