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5 Practical Ways Of Making His Mind wander Around You All Day Long.

Every one needs to feel loved because love is two way traffic. It makes a man feel happy and cherished when a woman reciprocates the good things done to her in a positive way.

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At times the work environment of a man may be stressful and a woman has all the powers to make a man forget all the pains and spend all the day thinking about her hence improving his moods.

The following 5 things can be done by a woman to make her man spend the day thinking about her:

1.Do something he didn't expect. Behaving in a way he is not used to will act as a surprise leaving him to guess what a woman is thinking about. For instance a woman can offer to escort him in the morning as he goes to the work place.

2.Give him a hot kiss. A woman can say good morning to him by holding him tight and giving him a good deep kiss until he feels confused to the point of not knowing the next step to take.

3.Praise his bedroom powers. Here a woman should talk about the things he does in the bedroom that excites her most. A lady can also praise him for certain things that he does that no other man has ever done to her.

4.Write him a love note. A woman can choose to go analogue by writing a love message on a piece of paper and then put it in his pocket.

Any time he wants to take something out of his pocket and finds it, it will act as a reminder of the woman.

5.Send him a text. A lady can make a man to think about her the whole day by sending him through the phone a short love message.

For instance a lady can tell him how much love she has for him, how she misses him when he is away and promise to love him always.

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