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Dear Women, No Matter How Madly You Love a Man, Never Tell Him The Following Secrets

Loving someone could make you be a victim of several circumstances. It could make you be vulnerable just to be trusted. In a relationship, to be trusted, you need to unleash atkeast some of the worst or weirdest things you have ever done. This is just for someone to trust you. You don't need to tell someone the darkest secrets of your life for there to be trust. I know sharing secrets brings about trust and with trust comes love but as a woman, never tell you man the following things no matter how much you love him.

Never tell your man about the number of men you have dated. This should be kept into consideration is the number is abnormal. Don't tell him as it might drive him crazy. He will feel like you are used up and dumped by many men. This will make him belive that your relationship together will head nowhere as what had been happening should happen again. Keep it a secret for yourself.

Don't tell your man about how good your ex was. Eventhough your ex could be far much better than him, don't bring it up. He will get pissed. Men will like to feel appreciated and taken as the best by their women. Men will also feel jealous if you like talking of the positive sides of your ex. If you want to please him, talk of the negative parts of him. He will be happy and feel accepted. Let your ex's achievements be a secret to yourself.

Don't talk about the men you have slept with. This will make a man annoyed of you. He will feel like a spare wheel. It's true no man will like to share or even be told of the men that have slept with their girlfriend. This makes them mad. If he needs to know you can tell him but againt honest will not help here. The number could be haw dropping so keep it doe yourself. He will not research about it. Tell him a normal number that a reasonable girl could say.

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