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Why Your Man Is Not Interested In You

There are things which make your partner to lose interest in you.There things which make your woman to lose interest in you and there are things which make your man to lose interest in you.Here are things which make your man lose interest on you.

1.You are not respecting him.You are not listening to what he is saying or take any action for what he has said.You interrupt him rudely while he is speaking.You comment severally when he is speaking.

2.You are making relationship with other women.You are not faithful to him.You are making relationship with other men outside.You are not satisfied with him.

3.You are not spending your time with him.You are making yourself busy to avoid spending time with him.You are not even interested with him.

4.You are spending his money carelessly.You use his money careless to do useless things.You keep on asking him for money everyday to do things which are not useful.

5.You are not maintaining eye contact when talking to him.pYou are looking aside while he is talking or when you are talking to him.

6.You are doing you things secretly without informing him.You do your plans alone without including him to you plans.

7.You are comparing him with other men.You does not accept him as he is.You are comparing him with other men.You are not satisfied with what he has.

8.You are not assisting him in his work or encourage him.You are not encourage him in his work or giving him any support to his work.

9.You are not happy with him.You are always angry with him.You does not make him smile or laugh with you anytime.

10.You are not answering his call or replying to his text early.You take long to respond to his call and answer it and taking long to reply to his text.

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