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Don't Date If You Dont Have These Things To Offer Your Woman

The relationship is a pillar of anything. Ranging from Success in career, success in life as a whole. A good foundation of the relationship can drive you to greater heights. Think of a chaotic relationship, what effects does it have in your life? Name them, rough days, lack of peaceful environment, hard time in the workplace, and many more.

What do real women need in a relationship? There is a quote that goes that "Every successful man there a woman behind". There are more meets than an eye, these women are unique.

First, Women need A LEADER. Women want a man with leadership skills. As a man, you have to make decisions that show leadership. You don't need to ask every time things which you can just decide for yourself. Guide her. Grow her. That is what she needs from you.

Secondly, Women need PUBLIC COMPLIMENTS. Some men have never complicated their women in a public, not even a simple thank you for this, for that. Women are wired in a way that simple compliments will never fail to respect you. Appreciate her for making the bed well, for dinner, for simple things, she will feel special.

Thirdly, Women want QUALITY TIME. How many times have you set aside time to just hang out with your woman? How many times have you taken your woman for a date? Women need attention. Women need your time. Spare time to hang out with your woman. To get to understand her.

The list is not exhaustive, there are more that women need from men.

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