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How To Make Your Girlfriend Feel Like The Luckiest Girl Ever.

1. Make her friends envy. It can be achieved by treating her with love and affection especially if she is around them. By doing so her heart will swell with happiness and pride.

2. Respect her opinion. As humans when we are disrespected we feel miserable. Never dismiss your girlfriend's opinion before listening to her.

3. Give her your attention. A good boyfriend always focuses on their girl's needs, and makes her feel comfortable when he is around.

4. Compliment her. Women love compliments as they feel appreciated. It might be about her personality or the way she is dressed.

5. Make her feel secure. In your presence make her feel safe, she would be happy to be in love with you.

6. Involve her in your life. For instance you can invite her to spend time with you and your friends. It will make her feel you are serious about the relationship.

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