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Common Mistakes That People Make That End Up Ruining Their Relationships.

Have you ever been in a relationship? If so then how many relationships have you been into?

It's so sad that young people today, walk in and out of relationships because of common mistakes, which could have been avoided.

Today I want us to talk about some of the most common mistakes, that young people make when it comes to relationships.

1. They trust too much

This is one thing that I would term as a mistake, this is because trusting someone way too much, only gives them the ability to hurt you.

The moment someone you trusted so much hurts you, then you will be hurt just so much, making it hard to move on.

2. They expect too much

Even the Bible whoever puts their trust in man is cursed.

If you make a mistake of expecting whoever you love, to always meet your standards, then you're in for a rude shock.

Human beings will always fail you, so when getting into a relationship,hope for the best but expect then worst.

3. They promise too much

Promises turn into debts, debts turn into covenants and covenants turn into sins.

If you are this kind of a person who keeps promising things and breaking our promises, you will realize that certain things haunt you all the time.

It is always advised that we don't make promises while we are excited, for it leads to debts and covenants.

If you avoid doing this things, then you won't struggle in your relationships.

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