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5 Things That Make Women Attractive And Beautiful

Women have many things that they value the most in their lives. They are so interesting to them, they normally find happiness. They seams to be simple but they play a very big role to them.

Here 5 Beautiful things that women value the most in their lives.

1) Hair

They normally say the beauty of a woman lies in her hair, they value thier hair. When it is raining they struggle up and down to ensure they have covered their hair. Men make your wife more beautiful by taking her to saloon, spent on her some cash.

2) Handbags

Handbags have different colour,shape and model, all are just meant for women, every woman has a desire of atleast owing one or two Handbags for her pride. Men surprise your girl or woman with one.


If there people who own more shoes in the world are women, they can have more but they still purchase more and more. They are attracted to different colours and make of shoes

4) Dresses

Here is the source of happiness for a woman, she loves looking beautiful and attractive at the same time. When you buy a dress for her, you would have put a smile on her face, consider making her happy and on same note you will be happy as a man.

5) money

There is a Swahili saying that says, "sabuni ni pesa ya roho" money smotheness and melts our hearts, even to our sisters is the same, even you are wronged your woman but when you send her some cash, she will forgive you immediately. Why because you made her happy.

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