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5 Things Men Need To Know About Women

Women have things that they would always want. It is not easy for them to say but they express their feelings towards you if you accomplish them. It is therefore very important to know what women want from men, for you to have a great relationship.

This five things, women will always want to feel them not just knowing them. Therefore men should know that:

1. Women want to feel that you have


Women want to feel that whatever they have told you, you have understood. It seems difficult to do it but there is away by which you can do it. You only need to confirm clearly that what she has told you is noted.

2.Women want your attention.

Women speak to men while facing them directly ensuring that you get what she is telling you right. In this case you need to quietly listen to her, she may not need you to sort out it but she just wants you to listen and know how she is feeling. She just wants you to identify with her in that feeling.

3.Women want to feel secure.

Women want to feel that they are safe. They want you as a man to prove that you are there for her. In all that matters you have to prioritise her significance.

4.Women want to feel you as you

Confirm their beauty to them.

Women always need to know how beautiful they are, she will always want to find out weather you recognise it or not. She may need know that she is beautiful but she wants to know if she is beautiful to you.

5.Women want to be loved.

Women are looking for someone who love them, they feel insecure if you don't show them love. However tough things might be, she will need your assurance that you love her.

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