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Meet Australia Identical Twins Who Have Shared a Boyfriend for 10yrs

Imagine having no privacy and having to do everything with the same person all day. Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 35, are popular Australian twins and YouTube influencers who share a boyfriend, Ben Byrne, 37.

These twins do everything together, including eating at the same time after weighing their food to ensure it's the same amount, dressing in matching clothes, going to the bathroom, and showering.

“Ben recognizes our connection and does not pass judgment on us. That has been the case since the beginning. There has never been any resentment. I'm not sure how we managed to have different boyfriends. This is how it works for us: people can judge us as they want,” Lucy explained.

The sisters, who are originally from Perth, Australia, have been dating Ben since 2012 and were planning to marry him.Polygamy is illegal in their country, so their marriage plans had to be put on hold.

“It's a lot simpler for us to get a boyfriend together. He is fair to all of us. Whatever he does to one twin, he does to the other,” Anna explained.

They sleep in the same bed as their boyfriend! They even ended up in the same hospital following an alcohol poisoning incident that almost killed them both.

Anna and Lucy have had plastic surgery to attain the same appearance. Lucy explained, "We think of each other as one person; we can never be apart."

The twins, who refer to themselves as soulmates, often weigh their food to make sure they consume the same amount of food.

,They tried dating different people, but their relationship lasted because their boyfriends didn't want them to be together.

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