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Ladies Look At These 3 Things Before They Decide To Date You

Before deciding to fall in love with someone, there are some things you look at in a person to ascertain that he/she is a perfect match for you. Ladies look at a number of things before making up their mind to say yes.

Below are some of the things they look at.

1. They look at your nature. Some guys are social while others are not. Depending on the girl she either goes for the social or antisocial one. Most prefer guys who are social because they are kinda fun to be with.

2. Emotional presence. When you talk to a person you can easily tell whether they are really listening or not. Ladies love guys who pay attention and concentrate on a talk by maintaining eye contact but not looking at his phone all the time. Guys who pay attention during talks are much caring.

3. Protectiveness. One thing that ladies want from men is protection. A girl will scrutinize her safety around you before choosing to date you. This she does to ensure that she will be comfortable when around you. Threats to her include harassment from your friends or family and she wants to be sure you will always stand by her and let no one hurt her.

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