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5 Signs that he loves you and how you should respond

1.A man shows you genuine respect

You will be highly by a man who sincerely loves you.In response,you should also give him the respect he also deservers,this makes your relationship more healthy.

2.He shows you his vulnerable sides

A man has that courage and confidence to tell you his misfortunes when he loves you .You should therefore be supportive to him finding possible solutions.

3. He makes his efforts to fix relationship problems 

When he loves you,he will always try to sort problems in order to make you happy or instead,he can change his behaviors for the better.You should be submissive also so as to make him feel loved.

4.He always makes time for you

 A loving man always has time for you even though he is busy.Usually, he will call you once or twice a day when he is at job place.You should be appreciative to such loving soul.

5.He will always put you first

A loving man always makes you first in everything he does,he will also include you in decision making.You should reciprocate this sign by putting him first too.

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