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5 Turn Offs That Will Make Him Lose Interest In You

Having too many guy friends

Sometimes having many guy friends can make your man feel very insecure about your love towards him. Try to spend more time with your partner and not other random guys.

Slow replies

No body likes to be ignored, it can really make someone lose interest quickly. Imagine confessing all your love to a girl in a heart felt paragraph text, and she responds with "okay" or "sure."

Never starts a conversation

Many girls are stuck with this mentality that guys should be the first to text, or the person to start a conversation. Men are not entertainment centers, it will not hurt to send the first text.

Acting desperate

If he is pulling away, it means he needs a bit of space, so go ahead and give him what he wants. A guy can not miss you if you're texting him every five minutes, after all.

Expecting him to pay

Men are not walking banks or ATMs. Even in this modern age, ladies still think they can not pay for a meal or a date. Make an effort and show him you can provide as well as he can.

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