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Husband and wife relationship

Kisii Elders Advise Couples To Respect Their Marrieges.

Awoman who ran away from the home of her husband two years ago,has been fined with a cow by elders."We ordered her to pay this cow because she had violated the traditional law by abandoning her husband."Said one elder. photo:The cow.

According to a close family member ,Mrs.Beatrice Nyansarora the mother of two, eloped to another man after her husband left home and went to stay in Nairobi where he works.While at the city,the husband cohabited with another woman. When report reached his wife at home,she was emotional and reacted by marrying her old city.

It was untill last week when the wife came home and found the husband settled with his second wife.She reported the matter to the elders who advised her to bring the cow for reconcilliation.They said that the woman had given birth to a thuerd child with a second husband and this was against the old one.Therefore she had to to appease

They cleansed the family and life between the couples started a fresh.The husband and wife were told to stay in their home peacefully and fend their children together.

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