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Divorce Affair

5 Signs Your Spouse Has an Affair

1. Hiding their mobile phones

When you notice your partner is overprotective over the phone, carrying it everywhere and placing it face down when he or she spends time with you, you should therefore know that there is something fishy. They can also choose to delete text messages to hide them from you or even spend more time on their phone than talking with you. 

2. Avoiding your questions and calls

When call your spouse and fails to answer your phone calls, you may start to wonder why. Most people can step away from work to answer a phone call from their spouse. In most cases, if he or she had missed your call, he or she will make an effort of calling back on free time.

3. Overly emotional to questions

When your spouse is hiding something from you when you question him or her, they might be sensitive and paranoid to questions. You should consider how their emotions and reactions may look different than usual when you bring up issues of possible affair.

4. Different smells

When your spouse smells different sometimes when coming home than when they were leaving, it could be a sign that they have been with someone else. You can also smell unfamiliar scents that are not from the perfumes in the house, you should therefore suspect something.

5. Secret social media accounts

Some partners create different social media such as Facebook account to hide communication with someone. You can be surprised one of the days going through your Facebook page and notice that your spouse has a different account apart from the one you are familiar to. This sign can clearly tell you that they have other affairs.

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