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"I Married the Wrong Person." Reasons Why Women End Up Saying So.

Every woman feels happy if she end up marrying a right man. She will look beautiful if she is in right marriage with right person.

Some men may pretend to be good when he has not married you. But immediately after marriages, that is the right time to identify the true colors.

In the other hand, when a woman gets marriage, she always have high expectations that things will go as she thinks.

However, if the man fails to do so, she may end up regretting. The following are some reasons why she may regret after marriage.

1. If a man does not spend time with her.

It is good as a man to spend most time with the wife. She will feel protected and loved. However, if you are not ready to spend time with her, she may end up regretting.

2. Man disrespect her and her family.

Respect is one key factor in the marriage. If you respect her and her family, she will feel happy and loved. However, if you are a kind of man who does not respect her, then she may end up regretting.

3. Man not ready to pay 'baby games'.

Woman like having fan with the one she loves. Even if the game she wants is not pleasant to man, but as a man you must consider her. Accept want she wants to make her happy. Play with her. If not she may regret.

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