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Wedding planning scene

A good marriage or a good wedding?

Gone are the days when we used to conduct huge weddings to impress the whole world.Since weddings have lost their authenticity,even their meaning is diminishing.

People take huge loans to conduct huge weddings that does not last for two years.People are left to pay for marriages that does not exist.Individualism is sovereign, do not let people control you,if your pocket is empty stop soliciting and if you will do just know the highest probability is that it will never last long.Facts speaks for themselves,the kind of wife that you want to present to the whole is not someone who will go two nights without food.

I have a friend of mine who had nothing to conduct a wedding but he was asking people to contribute for him,what surprised me the most is that his budget was half a million which is around 5,000 Us Dollars.I totally disagreed with him and i asked him conduct a smaller one instead,but to advice egocentric people is like climbing Mt Everest.He never listened to me and later on he got almost half of what he wanted,am sorry to say he conducted a wedding that lasted for three years.

My advice to the young people, concentrate on good marriages and not on good weddings,if you feel you must do it then cut your coat according to your cloth.People should not pressurize you,if you feel you are not comfortable then do not do it until you have all what you need.The right ones will stick with you even if you don't present them to the crowds.

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