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Facts about relationships in tertiary institutions (Photos)

Many students who joins universities and colleges to further their studies always finds themselves at point zero. This comes after a great struggle to balance their ways of life, fighting for food, financial flow balance ,academics and relationships .

Most have tried the symbiotic kind of relationship but have found sex as the only mutual benefit they gain from their partners.

These relationships do not work because of the following reasons;

Financial constrains which students undergoes , most students relies on their parents for their upkeep money which does not include money for luxury and other amenities.

Academics standards are more demanding, every institution sets it's own standards to be met after the very end of each semester or a session . Fear of failing and struggle to pass examination makes many busy and have less time for their partners , this makes a gradual death of relationships.

Lack of trust and loyalty, many lover birds in campus do not commit their loyalty to their relationship and end up breaking as one of the partner hangs out with fellow friends and getting laid or having an intimate with them. This increases the chances of infections from HIV and other related diseases .

Fear of being used and dumped , many have seen people dating and finally their relationship did not drive them to marriage. Many sees this as a fate that may befall on their relationship and therefore do not see any necessity to fight for it.

Dating for fun which has caused severe pain for those partners who took it as a serious mingling .

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