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How to Spot a Narcissist

perhaps we have encountered a narcissist in our workplace, love life, personal life. These people love themselves excessively. There following are features portrayed by narcissists; they show the excess need for admiration and when this isn't forthcoming they tend to convert jealousy towards others. They show the impression that they are entitled to special privileges that make them deserve exceptional treatment. They believe that others envy them. They are obsessed with power, success, great achievements, immense wealth, exquisite beauty which they believe will lead t admiration. They develop feelings of superiority and the impression that others don't understand them.

What we don't know is that in return they tend to suffer from this disorder. And in the long run, they experience rejection as people get tired of them, even those who try to approach them may end up walking away because narcissists never stop praising themselves which is boring. Narcissists don't achieve much in life like in studies or professionally since they waste their time and effort on themselves instead of on the actual accomplishment. And when they fail they end up developing feelings of doubt and inability. Narcissists try to hide their vulnerability and in the process, they end up in depression which develops after realizing that they are not what they would like to appear to be.

If you encounter a narcissist, do not hate them, on the contrary offer your sincere and friendly hand to help them because they need it. Of course, not all narcissists wish to be helped, but it is always good to try.

Content created and supplied by: martha njoroge (via Opera News )


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