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How Can I Know If My Friends And Loved Ones Have Saved My Number

Communication is very important that why we own phones and numbers on our phone books or contacts. This is also the reason why we give out our numbers or take numbers of our friends and family for communication purposes. But as we continue communication with them, some may not even save your on their phone contacts but still keep chatting with them. But how can you know if they have saved your number? Today i will share with you a simple way to know if someone has saved your number on his/her contact. Remember that those who have your number or have your number are your friends or family members. Normally not all of them will save your number as you may think.

Below is a friendly way on how to know if your friend or family member has saved your number.

Use WhatsApp on your mobile phone.

This is a simple way of knowing if one of your friends or family members have saved your number. Just go to WhatsApp and what you should know is that anyone you have saved his/her number on your contact list will view your WhatsApp status, or you will view their WhatsApp status whenever they post them. This means that, you won't view their status if they haven't saved your number on their contact list.

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