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Find out what your passion is.

Find your passion

Passion is something that someone is good at and it can make you great if you focus on it well enough. No one is born with passion, but as you grow old, you realize that there are some things that you like doing and you do them perfectly.

1.Try out every field.

At most teens, it is advisable to try out every field, this is the age where you try quickly and Gail fast and no one cares. In that way, you will find out that whether it is drawing, games or school work, trying them all out will gauge you to an activity that you like doing and it is interesting to you when you do it.

2. Follow your hearts desires.

In trying everything out, your heart will come to a stop at an activity that it desires and knows you can do it. Your inner thoughts will push you towards it, and you will soon discover it is what you like.

3. Make your desires a hobby.

After discovering your hearts desires, secure some time to do it better, have all the necessary resources to make it great. Use it as an income stream, and with time, your hearts desires will become your hobby, and your hobby becomes your passion.

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