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" Mwanaume Hazeeki"Move on Get A Chick And Start A fresh, Sonko's Strong Message To Heartbroken Men

In the recent past we have witnessed ugly cases of men terminating their own lives,lovers lives or physically assulting their partners after being heartbroken.

Former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko,took it to his social media pages to advice them who end up suffering from broken relationship and marriages.

In his statement the former county boss,told men to avoid messing their lives,by fighting with a woman who has become stubborn.He told men to move on and reminded them that men doesn't get old and can get children even at an old age.

Part of Sonko's post reads "Move on,get another chick and start afresh, mwanaume Hazeeki,you can get children even at 70 years old.

Sonko was responding to a Facebook post by Gordon Odhiambo which had highlighted challenges faced by men in their 40s and 50s in marriages.

Gordon noted that men in that age bracket,are provoked by their spouses and they end up landing in hot soup after physically assulting them.

Dear men,let us take Sonko's Message and avoid unnecessary court battles.

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