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Do the following things with your girl or guy to strengthen your relationship

Friendship is one of the greatest gifts one can ever ask for. That one person who is always there for you. One who will do anything to keep a smile on your face. In case you have such kind of a person in your precious life. Do this to keep them around you.

1. Play with them more. There are several games you can play together and make the day fun. Let them enjoy every minute you spend with them. Make them feel loved and happy. Try to play truth or dare tonight.

2. Spend more time outdoor. Go have dinner dates together. Visit places. Eat ice cream together.

3. Anytime you happen to visit them, make sure you bring them something little. Maybe a fruit like an apple. Anything that you know they like will make them happy.

4. Make it a habit to do things together. Cook together, study, go shopping and most importantly pray together.

There is a lot that couples can do together to strengthen their bonds. Share some in the comment space.

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