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Things that make women reject you

There are things that are a major turn off to women when it comes to the type of man to date. If you do any of these then chances are that she will never date you:

1. Hiding behind your phone.

If you always keep on checking your phone whenever you are talking to a woman, chances are she will never date you. This is because you are not confident enough to look at her directly. Women want to get into a relationship with confident men who are not afraid or shy to talk to them.

2. You have a terrible skin.

Your outside appearance is the first thing a woman notices about you when you approach her. If you do not take good care of your skin, it will look dry and urgly. No woman will want to date such a man with an urgly skin. Always take good carr of your skin by following the daily skin care routine practises. This will keep your skin soft and attractive to any woman.

3. Showing off your money.

Bragging about how much money you have cannot make women like but instead they will dislike you. This is because women do not want to be seen that they are dating you because of all the money you have. Even though they like guys with money, showing off your money to everyone just because you want them is a turn off to them.

4. You have self pity.

Pitting yourself for things that you can never change will make you single forever. Women do not like men who pity themselves like boys. Instead they want a man who can stand up and overcome whatever is bothering him once and for all.

5. Being too funny.

When you are too funny around the woman you want, it makes you look creepy. This is not a good thing because women do not like this. This might also lead to being friend zoned.

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