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Divorce Affair

4 Reasons Why All Guys Cheat, Fresh Insight

1. Lack discipline but still love their wives.

Some men will cheat for obviously lacking self discipline that is they can't control themselves when a woman comes into their lives. They will try everything in their reach to try and have a romantic relationship with their new female friends and this leads to a lot of unfaithfulness among spouses.

2. Save their marriages.

Some men will actually cheat to save their marriages to that is if their spouse is not giving the affection they require. Men believe that they should be treated in such a different way that they don't feel like moving to another woman.

3. Most of them are sexually active.

About more than eighty percent of the world's population of men are sexually active and this leads yo the rampant cases of cheating among married couples. The activeness of men hormones is the major factor leading to this type of cases and thus presents a need to be faithful to one another.

4. Don’t want to be over-demanding for sex.

Another severe case that will lead to unruly behaviour among men in relationship is to the fear fo men to be over-demanding for sex. Guys will find it hand to request to the conjugal rights from their partners every now and then.

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