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Reasons Behind Husbands Murdering Their Wife's.

Psychologist have come up with possible reasons for the rising reported cases about husbands killing their own parents. These include the following:

1. Power struggle.

It has been found out that men are afraid that women might overpower them. This is in the cases where the wife earns or make more money than the husband. This is the major reason considering how women have been empowered and educated in the current society.

2. Unfaithfulness in the relationships.

A man feels alot of pain if he finds out that his wife is having an affair outside their relationship. The anger that come with this has landed many into committing murder. One will decide to do away with the whole family including the children and wife.

3. Failure to raise and meet the family's basic needs.

Most men tend to devalue themselves alot when he can't be able to provide for the family anymore. This could be due financial constraints and lack of employment. Seeing his wife suffer in his hands drives him to ending the sufferings by murdering her and also himself.

We should learn to speak out and express our inner souls because there are people who will listen and help us out. Killing our loved ones and ourselves will not be of any use.

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