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Dating Romantic

Signs that you are dating a good man

In a country or a world full of 'mafisi' in the local language, it is very difficult to identify a good man who will not break your heart.

But there are women who are lucky because they have never met men who have bad intentions in their lives or are discouraged.

If a woman has found a man and you say that he is the one even though you do not know that he is a good man, do not hesitate because these are the signs that he is a good man.

1. He accepts you for who you are

In a romantic relationship your partner should accept how you are, what do I mean by that, if you change your life or your dress to please your partner the sun is not yours or a good man for you.

2. He is faithful

even if he is told by bad people or friends about you your partner should trust you with what you have given him even if it does not match what he has been told about you.

3. He wants you to win

A good partner will want you to win and he is genuinely happy for you when you are promoted, promoted and another victory.

4. You feel love

They always show their love by using their language of love. They also strive to love you the way you want to be loved

5. You trust him

In every relationship honesty is the most important thing, because once you trust your partner nothing will separate you.

6. He listens to you

There are some men or women who do not have time to listen to their partners, they just want them to be heard even if they do not have any problems.

But if you find a man who is listening to you then know that he is yours and he is beautiful.

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