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4 Easy ways To handle your Ex

Most people experience breakups before settling for marriage. It is true and hard experience. A smaller percentage get into the first relationship and end up marrying each other.

Betrayal is normally an order of the day. Due to different backgrounds and beliefs, some relationships end prematurely. Sometimes one is planning to leave yet the partner thinks everything is Okey. It is a silent denial.

How do you know the relationship is about to end?

To avoid being dumped without notice, there are some signs one must see.

I) Less communication- One indicator of deteriorating relationships is long silence. Regular Communication is key in a serious relationship. The moment one partner go silent then there must be something brewing. This occurs mainly in long distance relationships. Excuses of lack of airtime, lack of data bundles are normally tactics to avoid the partner. Though such excuses could be true but to a certain extend.

2) Defensive tactics. More often than not, the two lovebirds give justification to defend her/himself over a certain occurrence. Once one partner can nolonger accept any mistake then that is a signal of deteriorating relationship. Understanding and sincerity are key in building a long lasting relationship.

3) Less affection : For a long lasting relationship, both partners are supposed to be close together. Feeling for each other is a recipe of growing relationships. Sending of love messages, pictures and joking together is key. Once such actions nolonger happen then something is amis.

4) Use of harsh Language. Once affection is lost and interest to each other is reduced, it normally results to harsh communication. To silence any further engagement and responsibilitied one decides to provoke the partner. Nothing is bitter than being abused verbally. In such cases, insults results to breakups.

Once the relationship breaks, most partners plead and beg for reunion. Pleading is not always the solution since it is very hard to reconstruct the affection. It is better to let it go and forget. It should be a lesson for careful engagement in future. It is normally Har to believe that it is over, but it is inevitable. Never keep such in your heart, forgive and Forget.

Avoid blaming games, avoid regrets and move on. Good times are coming. Don't fight back. Approach a professional not your ex partner.

Although there would be a scar remaining, loss of appetite, loss of sleep or feeling lonely but all is not lost. Sometimes you feel you will never engage yourself in any other relationship but always that is a lie to yourself. Hard times are there to prepare you for future perseverance.

Never be obsessed about your Ex. Although there are times you feel like texting or calling but try by all means to avoid. You might also be tempted to visit in their homes or work places but that is not always the solution.

Avoid following their social media accounts. After a break up, most exes try to dig more on their Facebook, Instagram accounts to check what they are posting. Such instances are often encountered. Though it is always tempting, but not necessary or helpful.

Keep being busy and give yourself a break. Learn from your previous encounter and Analyse possible solution. Once such is done, you will leave happily and end up in a lasting relationship.

Content created and supplied by: Shadiikirui (via Opera News )


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