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Husband and wife relationship

How To Be a Good Woman

A good mother and wife?

Do you love your children and your husband? and are you ready for anything in the world? What are your happiness and the meaning of your life? If you answered yes to all of these questions, then you have become a good mother and wife. Although it happens that there is something wrong in everyday vanity, and the children do not obey, and the husband does not listen to you, and you are not ready yourself ... What is wrong and why not as you want? "How to be a good mother and wife" is the topic of our discussion today.

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 Frequent life

When you are overwhelmed by daily worries when the head is struggling with how to make breakfast, lunch, and dinner, wash, clean the house, run to the store, pick up the child from kindergarten or school, and even meet your favorite family with a happy smile, It's hard to imagine a happy and happy mother and wife. Normal, everyday life can have a detrimental effect on relationships between family members, leading to quarrels and conflicts. On the other hand, a good relationship between the wife, as well as the mother and children, removes some of the daily worries from the female shoulders. Be the best woman and mother - first and foremost, be yourself, but don’t forget that you are a weak woman - gentle, gentle, beloved. Everyday life and everyday life, in any case, should not be a ruin to the happiness and tranquility of the nest of a quiet family.


Meaning of gold

The golden mean, the best of family relationships is false, first and foremost, for mutual understanding. Good relationships are not relationships without conflicts, they are relationships in which there is mutual understanding, respect, and, consequently, good common sense.

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To avoid disrupting relationships due to daily misunderstandings, it is very important to be able to distribute family responsibilities between husband and wife, and between children. For each family member, it must have a specific section of family concerns and responsibilities. But the construction of this type of relationship largely depends on the ability of women to organize and establish a "family arrangement". This is most likely not a talent, but a desire to live in love and harmony. But, for this, of course, you need to work hard. Spitfire, aggression, and slander are the destroyers of seed relationships and not the other way around.


Be weak and strong

It is actually said that a woman should be a life actress. Just imagine, let’s say that you have no feelings, the husband comes home from work, and you look at him with a look of evil or, conversely, never call him. What can be expected in the answer? Men also love attention, and like all normal men, your husband will respond similarly. You need this attitude for yourself, think for yourself. A smile and a cheerful look, even if perhaps just a little stimulus, can lift your spirits. Because of this, it is sometimes a visit with an actress.Senegalese model Kinee Diouf becomes 1st Black Model to Cover Vogue Nederland in its July 2013 Issue.

On the other hand, the husband and children should know about your weakness, understand that you are tired, sick, or just devoted an hour or two to yourself. Once you have built such relationships with relatives, you will never be hurt by what you are giving, but you will never get anything back.


Is it necessary to be perfect?

Thinking about the question of how to be a good mother and wife, do not try to be perfect. First, be yourself. A good mother is not a good mother, she is a mother who loves her children and cares about their well-being. A good wife is a loving and loving wife, a faithful and faithful friend of life. With him there is something to talk about, it is always possible to get wise advice from him. Bed? A loving and loving wife will never have a problem in close relationships. A loved one is always a desirable person, he has no shortage - he is fit, even if he is tired, unmarried, and had no time to bathe.


A good mother is a trusted friend

Do not try to build relationships with children using the "carrot and stick" method. Education in fear will not have a real relationship. Your child should be sure that no matter what happens, he can come to you and talk honestly about everything in the world, that you will not despise and punish him, but try to help in difficult situations. Not only should friends be the first to know the secrets and problems of your child, but you are a loving, loving, understanding, and responsible mother. Since the birth of your children, build trust in the relationship between them and you, never be deceived, then you can expect and demand this in return.

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The best is a success - what should I strive for?

Even if you think you are a good mother and wife, it does not mean that it will always be like this. Children grow up, we change, so each time we have to deal with a new situation in a new way. It’s important to have family problems, during their children’s teenagers, ups and downs. And you, of course, will be able to overcome all of this, without any problems you can be a good mother to your children and a good wife, which means - to be a winner in the field of life!

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