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How to spot fake friends in your life

The odds of having a fake friend are always high as not everyone will be there for you in times of need as they might claim to be. To help you protect yourself from some dramatic experience here are some signs you are dealing with a fake friend.

They are always ready to gossip about other people and celebrate when someone is going through a tough moment. If your friend likes to gossip all the time chances of them talking about you when with someone else are very high. This negative behaviour can be draining and this will bring nothing but trouble, instead you should hang out with friends who will positively impact your life.

Fake friend will also more likely to talk about you behind your back. They might be trying to be your friends only to gather information about you. You might also catch them lying all the time, if you find out your friend has told you something that is constantly not exactly what happened they they are not your friend because they are pathological liars. Your real friend will be honest with you because they want to help you.

Fake friends are always selfish, everything they do they have an intention of self benefit without having the other person's feelings into consideration. Your friends should always think about you when you are hanging out. They also criticize how you dress or give mean comment about you, they don't care if they hurt you because they never really cared about you in the first place. Your friends should be your biggest fans ready to support you anytime and not your biggest critic .

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