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Why dating a woman online is much better

Dating someone online can actually be in your favour if you feel like you are not the smoothest guy. For one, you can make your profile so compelling that girls will be making the first move to talk to you but do not lie either, which we will get into next. But on a more serious note, here are some major advantages of meeting online.

Online profiles already tell you about a girl's interests. You can use that as conversation starters.

You already know the girl is single and hopefully the profile also says what kind of relationship she is looking to find.

You have time to craft a unique opener. And chatting online gives you time to type interesting responses.

If you say something dumb, the embarrassment is not as much as chatting in person. Worst case scenario, she does not reply.

If it leads to a date, you already know you have a lot in common.

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