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7 Tricks on How To Tell What The Other Person is Thinking About

Follow their eyes

When someone is trying to explain a something to you, you can tell if they are lying or trying to remember something. Looking to the right and straight means they are lying and looking to the left and down tells that they are trying to gather their thoughts.

Nodding too much

When describing something to a person, you may tell if they are getting it or not. Most of the time, people are not fully understanding the point or idea. If a person doubts his or her ability to follow instructions, they just nod way too much

Faking smile

Most people have those smiling winkles on the face and when you fake a smile, everyone will notice. Fake smile are not contagious, meaning that your eyes will not show the smile if it’s fake

Clenching the jaw

Clenching the jaw can signify stress or even anger. If you notice a person clenching the jaws tightly, then they must be thinking of something stressful, in most cases, this happens without the person’s notice

How they raise their hands

Even in class, those shy students raised their hands half but confident ones raised them with a comfortable posture when answering a question. The same applies here; you will know the shy and the confident person just by how they raise their arms

How they keep their arms

There are a number of poster that portray different messages, these two for example, if your arms are facing upwards, it signifies that you are asking or suggesting but facing downwards means that you are ordering or demanding

Pay attention to their distance

To determine how a person views you, pay attention to the distance they keep while talking to you. The connection is not mutual if someone backs away when you try to move closer. The distance between two people when having a conversation can tell the relationship between them

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