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How To Avoid Public Embarassments Among Couples And People In Relationships.

Most of Kenyans have decided to take the war on the social media platforms. This has been seen as a way to solve their differences.

Everything that is good has it's badness, this is what people should know. When many things are agreed in private, then the same way differences should be settled in private.

When marital differences are aired all over in all types of media, it creates a bad impression.

Here are some of the ways that can be used to avoid public embarrassment.

1. Reach out to one another.

Its not sin to reach out to one another, it doesn't matter how bitter you are but make sure you don't blow out of proportion. If you have wronged your partner, come back to your senses and accept the mistake and ask for forgiveness. Before you also take action find out from your partner as to why he or she has done things that way, and you should never use rumours to reach to your conclusion.

2. Learn to keep quiet and respond afterwards.

You should never be in a competition of arguing, learn to listen and respond politely. Being argumentative makes your partner more irritated.

3. Be concerned.

Being responsible is one way of being concerned. If you are not living with your beloved ones, always make a habit of checking on them and find out how they are fairing on. Don't assume and live in falsehood.

4. Never be in a hurry.

Most of the people have been in a hurry to embarrass their partners something which can not be repaired after the damage has been done. You should always analyse the repercussions of your decisions before you implement them. Be wise in your ways, don't let anybody influence you to take an action that they will never live with.

4. Learn to attend to matters timely.

When you have some responsibilities to attend to, don't wait beyond their time of expiration. Always make sure that you make sort out issues or make corrections where necessary in a timely manner.

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