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8 Places In The World Where Women Are Not Allowed To Visit

The world is becoming smaller and a better place to live in, though there are some things that don't fail to surprise us. There are some explanations and traditions to certain rules and their implications that doesn't make any sense at all. This article contains top 8 places in the world where girls are not allowed to visit.

1.Ayyappan Temple, Sabarimala

This place is a temple found in Kerala in India, it is a holy place for practitioners of Hinduism. It is called the Ayyappan Temple and is located at Sabrimala. The entry of females from the age group of 6-60 is prohibited. It said that any woman who is menstruating is barred from visiting the place.

2.Burning Tree Club, Bethesda

Burning Tree Club in Bethesda, USA was build as place for relaxation for politics. Despite the place's high designation no woman is allowed to enter this place, but every Supreme Court Justice and president has honorary membership. Sandra Day O'Cornor was the first woman to enter this place in 1981 when she became the first female Supreme Court Justice.

3.Voting Booths in Saudi Arabia and Vatican City

As we already know that women have very limited rights in Saudi Arabia. They are not allowed to drive and are also not allowed to step out of the house without a male family member escorting them. Women are not allowed in Voting Booths and Vatican city as women are not allowed to vote in Saudi Arabia.

4.Haji Ali Dargah, Mumbai

Haji Ali Dargah is one of the most mosques found in Mumbai that women are not allowed to enter. It is a place where holy shrine is situated. This place had allowed the entry of women previously, however in 2012 following the release of fatwa women were no longer allowed to enter the inner sanctum of Haji Ali Dargah.

5.Tour De France

This is a soccer competition that is held each and every in France. Women are not allowed to participate in this sport and no other provision made for ladies to compete at all. Women's competition was stopped in the year 2009.

6.Soccer Stadiums, Iran

The picture above represents the Azadi Soccer Stadium in Iran. The word Azafi means freedom yet ironically women are not allowed to enter the stadium at any cost.

7.Mount Omine- Japan

This is one of the largest mountains in Japan and it's a home to Buddhist monasteries. The Buddhist monasteries are believed to be 1300 years old. For religious reasons, women are not allowed to go beyond a further point.

8. Mount Athos- Greece

This mountain is located at the coastal region of Greece. Monks practice at this place in ancient and traditional monasteries. Women are not permitted to visit the island.

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