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Mama Should Have Told Me.

When growing, we really did not have any idea the kind of men we wanted. We did not know what would make a man stay or leave. We had to figure that out though we really wished our mothers would have told us about them. Here we are trying to figure out how to deal with this other gender. It is not easy because as you know they are all different from body size to complexion and character.

I really wish my mother would have told me that a man treats you the way you show him to. I had to learn that the hard way. When a man promises to do something and he doesn't, you have to show him in a way that he can not forget the next time. If you don't show him and let it go easily then trust me, he is going to let you go easy as well. You have to keep a man on his toes, he has to keep chasing you even when you are married. You have to ensure he is consistent through words and actions.

Mama should have told me that all men want the same thing, at least most of them. I would not have let a man in my life without first asking his intentions. Many of the times ,we let men in without inquiring what we are getting in return. Men are tactful so should we be when dealing with them, otherwise it won't end well. We should always put our wants first and ensure they are getting fulfilled before we can give in. Once you give in to a man's conquests without your demands being met, it is over for you.

Many are the times that when in marriage and facing a financial crisis, you think of your mama. She should have told you that sometimes love is not enough. You married for love yes but now the bills are overwhelming and you realize that you can not eat love. Love is not going to get you out of debts neither is it going to pay your bills. You have both love and money but no peace, you realize that you can not sleep at night. There is no peace in the marriage ,quarrels every now and then. Mama should have told us that we can not have it all but we should consider the three most important, love, money and peace of mind.

As a woman who probably left school to get married, you will learn the hard way. You would wish that your mother should have told you that an independent woman is better off. You need to go to school, graduate, get a job and get your career going. You need to be able to provide for your kids even when you have a working husband. You need to provide for your parents and siblings. These men will tramp on you when you are not earning anything. They will make you fell less of a woman, so make sure you get your own money because money is unisex. Well we wish that our mothers would have sat us down to tell us these things that some were never told. What other things do you wish your mother should have told you? What things would you ensure to pass to your daughter?

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