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Husband and wife relationship

Things to Do for Your Husband Daily to Save Your Marriage

Wise men say the ability to build or destroy a marriage lies in the hands of a woman. There are things women are supposed to do to their men to keep them and have a happy marriage but only a few know about it. The following are five things you need to do for your man daily.

Respect him

Men do not take disrespect lightly. It could change everything completely. Respect your man and make him feel like the head of the family. 

Show him affection 

Make him feel special. He will not assume he is loved until he is shown. Give him welcome kisses and hugs and goodbye kisses as well.

Make him feel he is needed

When he feels he is needed he will get a reason to come home early and daily. Tell him you are nothing without him and make him feel you need him to cope.

Give him praise and encouragement 

Congratulate him for his achievements and encourage him on his low days. Make him feel that it’s not the end and tomorrow is an opportunity to make things right. 

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